How Does My Garden Grow?

Right now I would say slowly. Thanks goodness, but even at the slow pace it's going, I am still a busy bee!

We have been having some great weather here in Daly City, especially up near San Bruno Mountain, where Joey and I live. It's been sunny, warm, and not too hot.  About two weeks ago I uncovered our vegetable gardens to see what would happy and so, so good!

I was very worried that once I took off the protective cover the plants would get too cold, but not at all.  If anything, they dry out a lot more quickly than when I had the cover on.  Now I need to give a full water twice a day, when it was just s quick spray before.

My main reason for uncovering the garden was that the beans were clamoring to get out!  I made them trellises with bamboo and twine and they went right up them!

The garden on the left is going to town, with the radishes and daikon taking the lead.  I will be able to harvest my radishes next week, but I just hate to pick them.  They are like my little babies.

The garden on the right is probably doing a bit better than the left, but not much.  The lettuce and carrots are really vibrant and already look delicious.

I think right now, it's just sit, water and wait.  My garden isn't really ready for harvest, yet.  Well, except those radishes. That's fine with me. I have plenty to do with the rest of the yard, which I will talk about later this week.


Shelly- Mom Files June 3, 2013 at 3:51 PM  

I am in awe! WOW! Such and outstanding garden. I can't wait until you show off some fancy dishes you make with some of your bounty.

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