Master Cleanse Day 8 - A Real Lemon

We have just about finished up Day 8, but we have not finished trying to make this drink more interesting. Yesterday we tried limes, but could not taste any difference. Today we tried two versions of the drink. One with regular lemons and one with Meyer lemons. Was there a difference?  YES!  They drink with the Meyer lemon was much sweeter and smoother.  Well, if you could call this stuff smooth. So, there you go. Meyer lemons taste better.  But honestly, it doesn't matter - we are still on a cleanse and are still kind of sick of this stuff.

On a good note, we both feel great and have tons of energy. I worked in the garden all day and Joey prepped for painting downstairs. We both are fine. I think I actually feel better on the cleanse than before. Hopefully eating well will keep this energy up.

My body is still releasing a good amount every morning and that really surprises me. How much more could be in there? When will my insides be clean and pretty? If I remember correctly even on day ten last time I was still releasing toxins, so let's see what happens with the extra two days this time.

I have to say coming this far I see no reason that the rest of the cleanse will be all that hard. I am so happy I did this and am excited to see the results at the end.


Shelly- Mom Files January 27, 2013 at 7:09 AM  

So glad things are going well with the cleanse and I agree, Meyer lemons are much better! Here's to a clean, new you :-)

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