Master Cleanse Day 10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

I have dreaming about my current love…FOOD. I am obsessed with it. I dreamt my friend gave me a maple donut with bacon to save for later and the next thing I knew I had eaten half of it. Of course I felt badly, but it was sure good.

This obsession with food is getting out of control! I have now planned our meals for the next month. Now I am just looking for variations in case I missed something.  Things come and go off the list, but I pretty much know what February will look like food wise. Something could change, though. You never know what I might discover in the next three days.

After 10 days of the cleanse I am ready for it to be over. I am not hungry or anything, I just want to have real food. I want to cook something. I want to chew on something. I want to taste something different other than lemonade, syrup and Cayenne pepper.  We only have three days left, so I can bite the bullet and make it until Friday.

I am still feeling really good. My mood is up and I have lots of energy. I am not concentrating any better than before, but two out of three isn't bad. There is still stuff coming out of me and it still continues to shock me that there is anything left. Where was it hiding?  I don't want to know. All I know is that I want it all out before Friday, because no matter what come that day I am going to eat!


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Joey and I are just a couple of guys living in San Francisco. I love cooking and we both like trying new things. Planning our meals is one of our "together" things. I hope you enjoy our blog! - Sean


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