A Visit To Sloat and Our First New Plants

Yesterday Joey and I took our first trip to Sloat Gareden Center in San Francisco. Bernie, our landscaper had recommended it and I have never been to a proper nursery besides Lowes and Home Depot. Sloat is located right near the ocean and with the beautiful sunshine we had it was a perfect day for it.

Main store of sloat is packed with everything you would need for gardening from seed packets, tools, footwear, pots to wind chimes. The prices are pretty steep for most things, so make sure you have your amazon price check application with you.  While Joey and I try our hardest to support our local merchants paying $25.00 more for a bird feeder at Sloats compared to Amazon was just not worth it for us. We bought enough there, so it's not like we walked out empty handed.  We actually bought a lot!

The most exciting things we bought are two new plants for our garden. The ver first we have bought! First we got a Star Jasmine plant.  We have wanted one since even before we started working on our garden and this one just called to us. It wasn't the largest one there, but it's a good size and it's going to grown beautifully in our yard.

Our second plant was a Salvia Leucantha, or Mexican Bush Sage.  We had seen them there other day and feel in love with the fuzzy purple flowers.  I think we are probably going to get a few more of these, but I want to see how the go first. That's the great thing about the garden. It's all ours and we can be little gardening Mrs. Butterworths and take our own sweet time on what we add to it.

I had a lot of garden chores to do, so I haven't transplanted the plants yet. I am going to give them a week to get use to the surroundings then transplant them next weekend when I have some free time. I am so excited! Just those two additions have added a lot to our yard.

I am still really enjoying the whole yard work thing. I spend four glorious hours out there yesterday and could have spent four more. However, the Tony were calling and I just couldn't miss those. (After seeing them, though, I kind of could have.)  I have next weekend, though, and I can't wait to get out there again!


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