Be Careful What You Wish For

Joey and I love feeding the birds in our backyard. There are so many cute little sparrows, house finches, brown-headed cowbirds...all kinds of little birds. Recently there have been lots of little ones being fed and taught to eat by their mothers. It's really treat to watch them. Along with all this is an ever growing flock of pigeons.  I personally don't have anything against pigeons. They are birds and part of God's creatures. However, I don't particularly love having 30 of them hanging out on my roof waiting for me to leave my yard. 

My spiritual advisor, Erin Shannon, has always taught me to manifest what I desired and if was meant to be, it would be. (Que Sera Sera.) I really wanted the pigeons to go away. I was hoping that they would just lose interest in Price Street and head over to Hillside. Kind of like how gays lose interest in one bar and start going to another. In my ideal world that's what I wanted to happen.  Well, that's not what happened. Last night we got a Hawk.  Yes, a hawk came to visit our little garden on Price Street.  Worse than that he came for more than a cocktail. He had dinner.

Now I am all for the circle of life and all that, but I just don't want to see it. He got one of the baby birds that we have been watching be trained by his mother. My first thought was, "HAWKS, in Daly City?!"  Really, I thought they were busy in San Francisco.  And just to be clear, Universe, I have been trying to manifest the wild parrots to make their way over here, not their natural predators!

So, now we have a hawk who, by the way, scared the pigeons for about an hour. They are back this morning, albeit in a much smaller flock  but they came along with their little sparrow buddies. They must be our diehard patrons.

I have made a decision. Pigeons, go to town, take care of my little sparrow buddies. Hopefully the hawk will find Price Street much too boring and will make his way over to Folsom.


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