Our First Japanese Maple

Most kids dream of Christmas trees.  Not me. I have dreamt of Japanese Maples for as long as I can remember.  I have always loved their vibrant colors and delicate leaves. The first time I really remember wanting one was when I went to Oregon to visit my grandmother and her neighbor had one.  I knew that if I ever had a yard I would have one.

When I moved to Japan I didn't get a maple or a yard, but I got the privilege of living very close to Kyoto and being able to see the maples in four different season.  One fall we took a boat ride down the river and the hills were ablaze with red maples. I will never forget that day.

I took that image back with me to San Francisco.  Once thing was clear, though.  While my love for Japanese Maples was strong as ever the chance of me having my own yard was pretty slim.  That was until last June when Joey and I got our our in Daly City. Suddenly it was completely possible for me to get the tree of my dreams.  I began in earnest to find my tree. 

A short internet search show me a nursery right near my office that claimed to have a huge selection of Japanese Maples. Off I went to Carlmont Nursery in Belmont. From the front it looks like a store in a strip mall. An nice strip mall, but a strip mall none-the-less.  I drove around to the back to find the entrance and still nothing special.  Then I entered. Oh my goodness!  Japanese Maple heaven. The only place I have seen more is in Japan!  Every color, every shape, every kind imaginable. It didn't take me long, though to find the one I wanted.  It was like it called out to me.  I found a beautiful Skeeter's Broom and fell in love.  A week later they delivered it to my door and planted it in a barrel for me. I love her!

I really never thought I would own one. I guess this taught me to never give up on your dreams!


Shelly- Mom Files April 17, 2012 at 1:49 PM  

Okay, you and I are related or something. I have been wanting a Japanese Maple for years now! The silly part is we live on almost an acre of land but for some reason I never did buy one. I am so happy you got your dream!

Oh and I also have been wanting a Weeping Willow :-)

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