Another First! Our First Rose

When Joey and I moved into our place in Daly City there was a lot of work to be done both inside and out. We concentrated on the inside because, well, we were going to be in there more and also neither of us liked gardening.  One thing was certain to me, however, those rose bushes had to go!

We have a very simple, small area in the front. I wouldn't even call it a yard really.  It's mostly paved in with ten areas for plants.  Four on each site and two near the door.

Aurora has planted roses in each place except for one huge bougainvillea which really needed trimming.  In fact they all needed trimming. Since I was planning to pull them all out, I decided to keep them this year and replace them next year. I know nothing about roses, but noticed the neighbors that had them had cut theirs way down. I decided I would do the same. It couldn't hurt anything. If it didn't work I was going to pull them anyway and if it did, well, we would see.  This is what they ended up looking like.

(By the way, you can ignore the elegant weed garden next door.)

After about a month I started seeing a little growth on my bushes and yesterday I got my first full rose!  How exciting!  I didn't end up killing any of my bushes.  They are thriving!  I was getting attached to these little bushes.  When I saw our first rose yesterday, I was in love.

Thinking that Aurora planted these bushes 20 years ago and now I am taking care of them is really special to me. They aren't going anywhere and neither am I!


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