One Cupcake Can't Hurt

That's what I kept telling myself last week.  Over and over again. It all started because I had a Groupon that was about to expire. I just HAD to get that dozen cupcakes or I would lose my $12.00! I could have taken them to work, but they looked so good. I mean if one cupcake wouldn't hurt maybe one a day wouldn't either. Then there was that cheese roll that my friend, Sabrina brought me. I couldn't say no. That would be rude! (Goodness, it was tasty.) All that licorice really couldn't hurt, either. It's fat free, right?

Needless to say I didn't lose any weight last week. I gained two pounds. I was so mad when I got off the scale. I stayed within my point range, why did I gain weight?!  I knew why, though. All one needs to do is read the first paragraph of this post to know why. I may have stayed within my points, but I did it with all the wrong things. I can't trick my body.

So, one cupcake really can't hurt, but a dozen sure can.

Stage 1 - Painting

I have decided that I am going to document our redecorating adventure since we have put so much into our house and did it so quickly. While I probably should have written during the process there was just no way I could have with so much going on. As they say, "Better late than never!"

When Joey and I first got our house absolutely nothing had been done to it in about 25 years. That means it needed a lot of work. The first thing we wanted to tackle was painting. Our entire house was this pink color. When I say pink, I really mean pink as you can see below.

See? The walls are really pink.

We wanted to get everything painted before I moved in for several reasons. The biggest reason was our birds. Painting around them or with them in the house would have been a nightmare. Not only are the fumes not good for them, but our birds are flighted. We let them fly around the house when we are home. So, painting with them there was not really an option. Second, it is much easier to paint an empty room rather than I furnished one.

Painting an entire home at once has it's plusses and minuses. On the downside, it's a bit overwhelming. It's a lot of work to paint a room and even more to painting seven of them. On the up side, it's great to start with a fresh pallet and be able to pick colors for each room that complement the others.

After looking at lots of paint samples we decided to go with Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot. The paint chips are awesome with complimentary colors for each shade listed on the back of the chip. It gave us a lot of ideas that we might not ever thought of. Upon suggestion of our handyman we decided to go with one main color for the room with an accent wall. A darker color for the doors and a very light version of the main color for the ceilings. It may sound like a lot of color, and it is, but it looks amazing.  Below you is a sample of the first color pallet we came up with for the entire house.  This became our roadmap, so to speak for our color selection.

Our pallet

Once we had decided the basic colors for each room we got samples for every color we were looking at and used a wall in our music room to test them out. I strongly urge anyone who is painting to do this. Colors that looked amazing on the chip suddenly changed when on a wall. You would also be amazed how big subtle differences between colors look when painted on a wall! We finally decided on these colors.

We tested all the samples compared and finally came up with our colors. All in all we ended up with over 30 colors.  Well, 32 to be exact.  I am listing them below just because I can!

Stairs, hall, trim:
Heavy Cream (trim, mostly around the house)
Reed (wall)
Fawn (wall)
Filing Cabinet (Ceiling)
Ganache (door)

Living Room:
Cornbread (wall)
Satchel (wall)

Beach Moss (accent wall, door)
Dandelion (walls, and 1/2 power for ceiling)

Sisal (window border, garage door)
Blue Suede (wall)
Natural Twine (accent wall)
Ice Rink (ceiling)
Wrought Iron (door)
Picket Fence (trim)

Music Room:
Raisin (accent wall)
Aegean Blue (wall, and 1/2 power for ceiling)
Geyser (door, closet)

Pumpkin Seed (door, closet)
Graham Cracker Crust (accent wall)
Hemp (Ceiling)
Oolong Tea (wall)

Carmel Latte (wall)
Rich Cream (trim)
Desert Tan (ceiling)
Burnt Russet (door)

Upstairs bathroom:
October Leaf (wall)
Endive (ceiling)
Toasted Marshmallow (trim)
Fennel Seed (door)

Downstairs bathroom:
Aurora Borealis (wall)
Rice Paper (door)
Picket Fence (trim)

Now all this might seem extreme, but it's really not. Oh, who am I kidding? It's totally extreme but I don't care. I love all the colors in our house and they are are basically the same color scheme we started with.  We just supplemented it a little.  Well, a lot.  It's kind of funny, Joey and I have worked with them so much that if he told me he bought a new shirt and I asked the color he could say, "October Leaf" and I would know exactly what he meant.

Now that we have our colors selected it's time to paint!

Basil Garden

I know I have arrived when I have my little Aerogarden set up. I got it for Christmas a couple years ago and it's been one of my favorite things in the kitchen. In my old kitchen I had it on the kitchen table that we only ate at once. The rest of the the time it seemed to be a place to collect paper and things we didn't know what to do with. This time my Aerogarden has it's own special place in my kitchen. It's brightening up an odd little nook that Joey and I turned into a little place of happiness. At least that's how I see it.
I love watching the little plants sprout, which they do fairly quickly. This time I have planted a basil garden. Seven different types of basil. I would have never thought there was a difference until last year when I grew lemon basil and LOVED it. I made lemon basil ice cream and it was amazing. Now with seven kinds I am excited to taste all the flavors and see what I can do with them. Basil grows really fast, so I am sure there is going to be a lot of caprase salads and pesto sauces on the menu this spring! Right now, though, I am just going to enjoy my little garden and watch new life grow. Like the new life Joey and I have created for ourselves in Daly City.

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