Weight Watchers - Again!

Part of this journey I am on is going right down a very familiar road - Weight Watchers. I have been down this road three times so far and each time was successful.  The first time I travelled with my friend Karolyn.  She'd been doing it for awhile, but for me it was all new and exciting. We actually went to meetings.  I love, love, loved counting points. I felt like a whole new world was opening up. I thought myself so clever when I figured out that I could eat an entire artichoke for zero points. That time around I lost 50 pounds!  Then I met Joey, fell in love and got chubby.

When Joey and I decided to go on a cruise the following summer we both knew it was time for us to lose weight so right on Weight Watchers we went. Once again it was a huge success. We really worked that program. It was a bit harder this time because there was more at stake. Honey, this was a gay cruise and one had to look their best!  Joey and I persevered and we both lost the weight and were looking great for the cruise. You know cruises, though, it's nothing be eat, eat, eat!  Plus we were in the Mediterranean and there is no way you can not have pasta in Rome. We jumped right off the Weight Watchers boat and it was a long time before we would get back on.

That time came last year when both Joey and I really felt like we were getting out of control with our eating. It's not that we ate a lot all the time, but we indulged a lot. Cheese platters on Friday nights. Fancy desserts from Molly Stones. Oh! Cupcakes! They were all the rage and who could eat just one and why would they want to?!

Back on Weight Watchers we went and we were doing well but then somehow we took a turn, got on the road to change and, honestly, neither of us had any time to count points.  Too much going on in our lives.  In addition, we have not really had a kitchen for the last six months except for one blissful weekend at New Years.  We have been eating crap. Honestly, if I were to post a recipe that I have recently made it would go like this:


  • Car keys
  • Wallet
  • iPod


  1. Start up car making sure it's warmed up properly
  2. Pull out and turn left on Price Street carefully checking that there are no children on the sidewalk
  3. Drive to the almost to the end of the street making sure not to go fully to the corner
  4. Turn right into the driveway just before the corner
  5. Open the drivers window completely
  6. Say, "Two tacos, a Jumbo Jack With Cheese, onions right, and..of course a diet coke."
  7. Pay cashier and drive home

Think it's time to hit Weight Watchers?  I do!

So there you have it. We are back on Weight Watchers and this time it almost feels like going home. This path is really familiar.  It's not exciting or scary. It just feels right. Some could say this is the fourth time I have done this, why bother?  I say I have had three successes on this and there is no reason for me not to have a fourth. And you know what? This time it will probably stick!


Colin February 3, 2012 at 5:19 AM  

Weight Watchers is great. My sister swears by it and she looks fantastic. I've tried it in the past with some success. Of course now I live in Japan, which despite the propaganda,is the country that health forgot! It's so hard to find healthy, low-cal alternatives here, even in 2012. But you've inspired me and I'm going to try to shape up for the summer. Now where did I hide those points booklets?

Sean February 3, 2012 at 8:06 AM  

Colin I so hear you about dieting in Japan. Kind of hard to diet in a place where no one even thinks about it. I was going to recommend you try Weight Watchers, but tracking your food would be a total nightmare. Stopping drinking has really helped me, but I wouldn't even suggest that for you. Not that you are a lush, but how could one socially function in Japan if they didn't drink?! I mean that both ways you can take it.

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