Sunrise in Daly City

Today when I opened the curtains in the music room (our fancy name for our office) the sun was just beginning to rise and the moon still hadn't decided to go to bed yet.  Once again it was a beautiful day in Daly City and I was loving it. I was so afraid to move here and now I can't think of living anywhere else. It's beautiful.

It seems silly to think I got myself so worked up about the move from San Francisco to Daly City. Honestly, we only live 15 minutes from my old place and about three minutes from the city. I was scared to death. I was so busy fearing change that I didn't see anything, let alone a beautiful sunset. All I saw was a house that needed a lot of work.

It seems to me that when we let the fear get the best of us we only see the negative. We justify our fears with it. Then we let it consume us. When we finally step back and let go of the fear, whether out of wisdom or shear exhaustion, we see things for what they are.  We see things like a beautiful sunrise on a Thursday morning.


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