Mojoe content in the morning sun - February 9, 2012


satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more oranything else.

I have been thinking all morning what I am going to write about and I am coming up with a big blank. This usually only happens when I am in a bad mood or things are going wrong. Then it's not so much a blank, it's just not wanting to put into words all the yuck I am feeling. Today is different.

The blank I feel isn't a lonely blank. I don't feel like anything is missing. I don't feel alone. Quite the opposite really. I feel like everything is in place. Right now, in this moment everything is just as it should be. I feel content.

I am not used to feeling this way so my first reaction to this is to question it. I mean there has to be something wrong. Right? There is always something wrong. Life is all about drama. Well, at least in my head it is. Maybe I have changed. Maybe it's just getting older. Or, just maybe, I am getting wiser.

I am going to enjoy this feeling of contentment and not question it. I will savor it throughout the day and nothing is going to take this feeling away.  I am content.


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