Another Weight Watchers Goal Met - 5%!

Last Saturday Joey, my friend Gregory and I threw a baby shower for our girlfriend Karolyn. Naturally, there was lots of food and naturally we ate it! We had cookies, baked brie, spinach dip, barbecue....we had a lot. I was completely prepared to have not lost any weight or even gained weight so image my surprise on Sunday when I weight in and found that I lost weight and met a new target! That's right, I lost 1.2 pounds and reached my 5% Target. How I managed that, I am not sure, but who cares! I am still on track and you know how I love getting those little stars!

One thing that is making me giggle a little is how the Weight Watchers tracker keeps telling me I am losing weight too quickly. Now if this were really the case, I would be worried, but in reality it's not. I am averaging about 1.5 pounds a week. So why is the tracker so worried about me? Well, one week when I put in my weight I put the decimal in the wrong place, putting me at 21.5 pounds. The tracker totally freaked out and changed my daily points to 95 points a day and put me on a maintenance program. (For a reference I am currently at 41 points per day.) I corrected my weight but the tracker was not listening to me. One would think it would know I hadn't shrunk down to 10% of my body weight in one week, but whatever. I needed to fix this, but could not figure out how. I tried everything even putting my weight at 400 pounds. The tracker still wouldn't reduce my daily points. Long story short, I finally figured out how to fix it, but the tracker is holding on to that 21.5 pounds and reminds me with each milestone that I am losing weight too quickly. Who knows, maybe it's really smart and thinks I am trying to trick it. Whatever the case, I am healthily losing weight and am very happy with the program.  The tracker can warn me all it wants as long at the program works!


Shelly- Mom Files June 16, 2011 at 3:27 PM  

Well congrats on the weight loss! That is always so refreshing when you are expecting to see the scale say "piggy" and instead you lost weight. How awesome for you! Kiss Porky Patty good-bye! ;)

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