Dr. Mao's 8-Week Program

While Joey and I search for a weight-loss program, I thought it would be a good idea for us to develop some healthy habits.  You know, those things that we are all supposed to do and feel guilty about not doing?  Drinking eight glasses of water, daily exercise,  getting enough sleep.  All of these things are simple enough, but for some reason are so hard to make a habit. I have to admit that Joey is way better at all these things than I am. He is very disciplined. I, on the other hand, am not.

Usually when I set about developing a healthier lifestyle I make a list of things I "should" do.  This list usually ends up consisting of about 25 daily items, none of which I ever do.  Who could conquer such a list?  I usually just look at it then have a cookie.

The other day when I was walking home from therapy, (since I am crazy as well as chunky), I noticed a book in a store window - Secrets of Longevity - Dr. Mao's 8-Week Program. I checked it out and it was exactly what I was looking for!  A program to help us add healthy habits to our lifestyle.  The book is divided up into eight chapters plus an introduction and an epilogue.  Each chapter starts with a short questionnaire covering one topic and gives you five items to complete each day.  At the end of the week you select one of these items to continue doing throughout the 8-Week program.

This book is really well-written and easy to follow.  Each day you are given healthy tips regarding these tasks and have a few questions to answer about your goals and progress.  This really makes incorporating new habits much simpler since I can handle five habits much easier than 25!  None of the tasks are difficult, but there are some things you have to buy in advance.  I was able to get everything online and it ran about $60 total for both of us.  I found everything at Vitacost.com and will list them as each week goes by and make a big list at the end.

So, now we start our journey.  Let's see what Dr. Mao has in store for us.


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