I wanted to talk about something near and dear to my heart.  All my friends know how much Joey and I love our boys.  Each one of them brings us special joy and I can honestly say it's hard to say who is my favorite.  All of them are at one time or another. They all have such different personalities.

Max, our conure (in the back of the photo), is a big baby.  He needs attention like no other, but only on his terms! He can drive me crazy with noise but then looks at me and says, "Hi Baby" and all is forgiven.   We got Max totally by accident on a trip to PetCo.  While I don't really recommend buying birds there, this guy knew exactly how to get Joey and me to take him home.  We knew in a minute that he was meant to be with us.

Ray, in the middle of the photo, was a planned addition to our family. He is a little socialite and adventurer.  He loves nothing more than finding a place to hide, usually a cupboard, and waiting for me to find him. Once in awhile it puts me in a panic, but most of the time it's fun. Ray gets along with almost everyone, well except Mojoe. That is another story!

Mojoe is our newest addition and he is certain he is an eagle. This little guy shows absolutely no fear, which is cute and troubling at the same time. If there is something to get into Mojoe will probably find it. He is a little love, though, and loves to sleep in my hand at night while we watch TV, like in the picture below.

Then there's Billy, our blue lovebird.  We got Billy through Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. He was found starving and shivering in someone's backyard and taken to Mickaboo where his foster parent nursed him back to life.  Billy has had the hardest life of any of the birds and it shows. He is very shy and I still can't really touch him.  However, each day he gets a little bolder and he and Ray are best friends. I often look at Billy and wonder what would have happened without Mickaboo.  I actually look at all of my birds and think of how lucky we all are and then I think about all the poor birds that don't have it so lucky.

That's what I am really writing about. Every day Mickaboo helps so many birds in need and gets them to their forever homes, like they did with Billy.  I try to help out Mickaboo in small ways, like by updating their Facebook page and donating when I can.  But it's just a drop in the bucket.  SO......if you feel so inclined, donate to Mickaboo by clicking the link below.  Any amount would make a difference and be greatly appreciated.


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