I Want to Be a Farmer

Well, I would at least like to have the pride and passion they do.  It's not just farmers, it's the bakers, cheese makers all the people that sell their goods at the various Farmer's Markets in the area.  A couple weekends ago Joey and I waddled down the the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building.  It's a good walk for us and we always find some amazing things there to make for dinner. I was so impressed by everyone as they let us sample their amazing food.

First we got some Padrone Peppers from Happy Quail Farms.  If you have not had these they are amazing and not that easy to find.  According to the merchant they are only available through October, so we stocked up since they are good for a week or two.  Next, we got some Salmon Spread from Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke. I don't know if we were talking to the Cap'n himself, but whoever he was he told us he had just made it that morning and it was delicious.  Right next to the Cap'n was a man from Bodega Goat Farm and he was so proud of the cheeses that he had just made the day before I had to get some.  We got a chive goat cheese that was very light and refreshing.  We wanted just one more cheese for that night and headed over to the folks at Cowgirl Creamery and picked up a ST Pat at their suggestion, which is one of their seasonal cheeses.  It's wrapped with stinging nettles, but obviously doesn't sting.  I think this was Joey's favorite.  As we were getting ready to leave we noticed a guy with these beautiful grapes and he was giving children small bunches.  He seemed so happy with what he was doing we got some of those, too.  In fact, everyone seemed to happy and proud of their work. I really wanted to feel like that.

When we got home I decided to make some sour dough bread.  I still do it in the bread machine, but we both really love it.  When it was done and we set out our spread I was so proud.  I guess I took some of that pride from the market home with me.

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