Ronald McDonald Makeover

I love living in San Francisco and our "San Francisco Values."  I am very proud of our city on the bay and our passion for various causes.  Once in awhile, however, there is a protest that is just plain silly.

I don't know if you heard about it, but a group called Corporate Accountability International recently launched a campaign to force McDonald's to retire the clown.  Apparently, it's Ronald's fault that Americans are obese.  That's right, ole Ronald has forced our children to eat his food.  Now, I grew up with Ronald McDonald, I even had a really nerdy McDonald's flag on my bike. When we got vaccines we went to McDonald's and got them and ole Ronald was right there to wipe away our little tears.  Rather than get rid of him why not give him a makeover?  Well, those clever Japanese have already done that and years ago.  Below are two McDonald's commercials from Japan.  Look, problem solved! No protest necessary! Don't you wish everything were that easy?


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