Happy Anniversary Joey!

Six years ago my life was very different.  I had just turned 40, I was single and I had no hope of finding a relationship.  "I Hate Boys Nights" were a weekly staple for Karolyn and me and consisted of pizza, mozzarella sticks and lots of wine.  We usually spent these nights wondering how two such fabulous people could still be single and why boys were such...well, weenies.  Tiring of our situation, though not each other, we decided to take action.  One drunken night Karolyn decided to join eHarmony and proceeded to fill out their lengthy questionnaire while I watched not two, but three episodes of "Will & Grace".  After that ordeal I was rather thankful they didn't accept people of my persuasion. However, not wanting to be left behind I decided to join Match.com at Karolyn's urging. Honestly, it couldn't be worse than my current options of Gay.com where I was working or ManHunt which was much more of a place for PNP than LTR. I was pleased that Match.com did lend itself more towards relationships and, honestly I had nothing to lose.

The very first profile that caught my eye was of this little thug "Lord of da Bling." My goodness he was the cutest thing I had ever seen, but I could not fathom that he would be interested in someone who's current schedule consisted of Knitting Class each Thursday.  Being too afraid to contact him, I bookmarked him for a time when I would get up the nerve to "wink." A couple of weeks went by and I finally decided to dive in and do the dreaded wink.  To my surprise I not only got a wink back but an email.  Hey, this guy is pretty smart and he seems to like me! A phone call followed shortly there after and I have to say, I was hooked. We talked for hours and I felt like I had known him forever.  We decided to meet in a couple of days at a bar near my house.  As luck would have it my ex and his exceedingly annoying new boyfriend also planned to be at the same bar that night, but you know what?  I didn't even notice they were there.  I only had eyes for one man that night and it was Joey.  That was six years ago today and I still only have eyes for that one man.

Joey, you make me so very happy.  I'm so glad you came into my life.


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This blog is dedicated to the two most important people in my life - my mom, Ernee Jean O'Brien, and my partner Joey Concepcion. They both have showered me with unconditional support and love and have always encouraged me to be myself. I will always miss my mom and I don't know what I would do without Joey.

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