TAKE-OUT TONIGHT! - Cookbook Review

Well, this is my very first cookbook review so I am kind of nervous. I am not so good at expressing myself when it comes to books, but I will certainly try.

First off, I have a TON of cookbooks. So many that Joey has forbidden me to buy any more. He really is right. I do have too many. Even worse, I always look up recipes online rather than look in my cookbook library. While that is convenient, there really are a lot of gems in my library that are not online. So I promised that - (1) I wouldn't buy anymore cookbooks; and, (2) I would make one recipe a week from one of my cookbooks. Fair enough!

This week I pulled out one of my Weight Watchers cookbooks, TAKE-OUT TONIGHT! Oh my goodness, this is one awesome little cookbook and I have made many a good meal from this cookbook!

First off, let's talk about Weight Watchers cookbooks. I have many and they are all great. They always call for natural ingredients and are naturally figure friendly. Most importantly, the recipes are delicious! That's the whole point (or points), right?

is divided into eight chapters:

  1. Deli Specials
  2. Chinese Classics
  3. Greek Diner Delights
  4. Viva Mexico!
  5. Beyond Sushi
  6. Now, That's Italian!
  7. Totally Thai
  8. Treasures of India

Each section features food from that region. Now, I was totally skeptical about this, but I have made several of the Chinese, Greek and Italian recipes and they really were yummy. I so felt like an international chef!

Weight Watchers cookbooks always have a beautiful, easy-to-read layout and TAKE-OUT TONIGHT! is no exception. Each recipe has an introduction and cook's tips. What's better is that the ingredients are in a colored box on the left and the instructions are on the right. This makes it so clear when you are cooking. Honestly, how many times have you tried to cook something out of a cookbook and had to search all over a bland page? That is a sure way to miss something!

What is even better about this entire cookbook is that each recipe is under 8 points. If you don't do Weight Watchers, that is not a lot at all!!! And, while they are figure friendly, they are not skimming on taste. They are simply delicious! As I said, I have made many of these recipes and I have also then searched for the "original" versions. I will tell you most of the time I go right back to the Weight Watchers version.

So, whether you want to spice up your every day meals or just want to have some figure-friendly alternatives, TAKE-OUT TONIGHT! is the cookbook for you!


Shelly- Mom Files April 10, 2009 at 6:36 AM  

Sounds like a great cookbook and I like the fact that is has so many different types of food and not just American fare. Great job on your first review!

Brenda April 10, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

Scott likes to cook Chinese, so I might have to check this book out. Or perhaps you might review and post some of the Chinese recipes right here? ;-D

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