Master Cleanse Day 9

Wow! For some reason the number nine seems like such a milestone! In many ways it seems like I just started this thing the other day and at the beginning the end seemed so far away! Well, the end is almost near. YAY!

Today was not really eventful on the cleanse front. I am still passing solid toxins (sorry if that is too vivid) but I didn't feel bad like I did yesterday. Yesterday really was the worst of all the days. I drank the tea last night and didn't have to get up once during the night! That was nice. I got a really good nights sleep. I don't have to rush to the bathroom nearly as much as I did the first five days or so. What a shame that my body is getting used to this and I am about to taper off! I drank my salt water today and I am actually getting used to it. I still drank it in three rounds, but I did it one right after the other. Once again I will say, if you do this, start off that way! Don't try to drink down a quart at once. YUCK!

I made my very last batch of the lemonade today as Joey and I are going to start juice tomorrow. I must say I won't miss it, but I will kind of miss the routine. How easy it is just to get up and make all your meals for the day in 15 minutes! Even Rachel Ray couldn't do that! :-) Drinking the stuff, though, I don't think I will be craving it. I have grown a bit tired of it. I will say, though, that not once did I think it was gross, just monotonous.

So, as I said, Joey and I are going to start drinking orange juice today. Ideally, I would go at least one more day or longer since I am passing solid toxins, but this is a practical thing for us. Joey has been on this two days longer than I have since I had to wait until after Tuesday to start. We both really want to get back into eating this weekend and since tapering off isn't something you could really do when you are going to work, the weekend seems to be our only option. Tomorrow is orange juice all day and maybe a little fruit. Saturday is soup (we are making two) and Sunday we will have more soup and I am making a vegetable tofu dish for Sunday night. We have really planned this out. I have known since last Sunday exactly what I am making. It is so fun to be thinking about cooking again. I really miss that!

Anyway, I will be keeping up my Master Cleanse journal for at least another week since that is part of the process and then I can go to blogging about our new food adventures. We are not going vegetarian, but we are definitely going to eat more vegetarian meals. That is really part of the cleanse, too! Get those toxins out and start over! Honestly, I don't crave meat at all. Nor to I crave alcohol. In fact the thought of alcohol is really gross. If that is the only thing I get out of the master cleanse, then hallelujah! That is enough.


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