Master Cleanse Day 7

Wow, I am almost there! I can't believe it! I am really glad I am doing this, but I will be more glad when it's over!

Today I had to go to our office in Sonoma so I didn't drink the tea last night nor did I do the salt bath this morning. I really didn't want to risk having to go on the way there. I will say that I think that part of the cleanse is actually more important than I thought. You really do need to flush yourself out and these two things seem key to that. I will drink the tea tonight (and probably wake up at 2 am!)

The day wasn't bad at all. I was in better spirits than I had been in ages and it felt good for people to notice that I have trimmed down and look healthier. I might even be motivating some people to do the cleanse! I packed up my lemonade and took it with me. I only took half of it because I didn't want to have to go on the way home either!

At lunch I went to Whole Foods with a friend because I wanted to pick up some Nutritional Yeast I knew they would have it. It wasn't bad being in there. I didn't look at things and drool or anything. It wasn't hard at all. What was hard was going back to the office and smelling all the food people were heating up for lunch. I don't know who decided to have some cheesy goodness at 4 pm, but I almost ran into the kitchen to steal it from them! It's the first time I really was around people eating and everything smelled good.

I got home and actually had a tiny poo, which was strange. I worried that maybe I had gotten up in the middle of the night and night ate, but I could find any of the usual signs when I searched for them. (Usually, the peanut butter is mysteriously gone.) I guess that was because I had skipped the wash and the tea.

One thing I have noticed is that when I am hungry I crave all the thing that are not good for me. Since I am a meal skipper by nature, it will be very important for me to keep my body fueled so that I don't fall into bad habits! Once I had the other half of my lemonade I was fine.

I am feeling pretty good about myself for making this far and will feel even better when I finish and can start on my healthy adventure. We really intend to change our eating habits and eat as healthily as we can. That doesn't mean I am still not having that quesadilla a week from tomorrow. Come hell or high water, we are having Mexican that day with all is cheesy, fatty goodness!


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