Master Cleanse Day 6

Today turned out much, much better than I thought it would. First off, I am really tired of that tea waking me up in the middle of the night. It is probably just me, but if you ever have that tea and wake up four hours later, it's a pattern. It's not that I really mind, but I just can't fall back to sleep! Anyway, just a little whine, when there is so much good!

So, I didn't lose any weight from yesterday and I do not, how do I say it politely, have as busy bee bowels as I have the past days. Even the salt wash pretty much just went through me. I may have really cleaned myself out, but we will see. Despite not having had a lot of sleep I did have a lot of energy, but was a little down and anxious. I have four gym sessions left so I went to a training. I was a little worried because I am really out of shape and have only one training (last week) in the past year. You know, I really kicked ass today! So you totally can be active on this diet! That's a good thing to know! I didn't feel light-headed or anything. I actually felt awesome after the gym! Who would have thought that?!!

Since I was pretty busy working today, I really didn't obsess about food like I did over the weekend. It wasn't a very hard day at all. Just, like I said, I just want this to be over because I am tired of it! Tomorrow I actually have to go into the office so I am skipping the tea tonight and skipping the bath tomorrow. It's over an hour to get there and since I am carpooling, I really can 't stop along with way.

Only four more days to go!!!


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