Master Cleanse Day 3

I just finished my third day on the cleanse and boy was it a long one! Not long in that it was intolerable, long because it started early.

As usual I had my tea last night around 9. I really had trouble falling asleep, so imagine my annoyance when I finally did and the tea kicked in about 1 am. Let me just say that for the next 45 minutes or so I was not in the bedroom. My body is really flushing things out big time. One would think after two days it would be rather empty, but no no. There is more coming. This morning around 7 the tea kicked in again and I tried to ignore it, but really couldn't. Any thoughts I had of sleeping until 8 were dashed.

I did the usual salt bath and this time I broke it up into 4 glasses. I would drink one, feed some birds, drink another, feed more birds, etc. This was much better than trying to drink it down in one your two glasses. BLECH. I do say, it really goes right through you and that's not a bad thing.

The day was not hard on the hunger front. I didn't really think about it too much until I stupidly looked up restaurants for my birthday on Yelp. Duh. That passed quickly, though. I didn't even finish all my six glasses until around 7. So, the day went well. The night was another story. Joey and I are so used to having our Friday dinners that all either of us could think about was food. For me, I am really craving salad and white rice. (Not together.) It was a bit of a challenge not to just say "screw it, let's eat!" We did make it through, but I can see why people would give up on this in the middle. We are determined to finish this! I can tell you, though, I am already thinking about that soup we get to have a week from Sunday!


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