Master Cleanse Day 2

Today is my second day of the cleanse. It did not start off well, but is ending amazingly!

I drank the tea last night and all night long, my stomach was churning and I made many a trip to the bathroom. I really had a hard time sleeping. I wasn't going to do the salt bath today, but I really want to do this right, so I opted to do it. One thing I did differently was to split up the salt bath into two servings. I just cannot drink 32 ozs of anything down and once especially warm salty water. I was worried I was going to regret drinking the salt water, but for some reason it kind of made me feel better. I am not saying I didn't go go go go go. I really did. That is one thing everyone must be aware of - you cannot be a travelin' for about two hours after you have the salt bath. At least that is the case for me. It really did clear me out and I felt pretty good.

I only had 60 ozs of the lemonade today and I was very satisfied. I also didn't really obsess much about food, but I was really busy with work - which was good! I have to keep myself as busy as possible. The only time I had a hunger pang was when I was about to get off the phone with Joey. That is usually when I would eat dinner. That passed though.

I have to say I really feel pretty good. I am not craving really anything - even wine! That's a biggie! Now that I have done this for two days I don't see not going the full ten. This is really a committment and there is no way I am going to go through this and not complete it!

Oh, I found a great blog today about the cleanse:

I can totally relate to this guy. One, he's a guy and two he's living in Japan. Mostly though, I really like his writing style and the way he is so honest about the cleanse. Check it out if you need a resource!


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