I'm Back & I Bring My Favorite Cooking Site - Recipezaar.com

It's been a long time since my last post. What oh what have I been doing? Well, all sorts of things that I may reveal, but the main thing tonight is that I want to talk about my favorite "go-to" site for recipes. I have tried them all - Epicurious.com, Cooking.com, but there is one that I always go back to and that is Repicezaar.com.

I have become a loyal fan of this site. When I want a specific recipe this is the place I go. I will tell you why. I want to make enchiladas - I get 334 recipes. I not only get those recipes, I get ratings for each recipe I get valuable comments from Recipezaar members on not only if they liked or didn't like the recipe but on how they modified it to make it ever better. I get a little cooking lesson by just cruising the site! Now doing get me wrong, there is a horn o' plenty of uber-fatty comfort food here, but you know what? I like that sometimes! I like it that when I am in the mood to make macaroni salad, (which honesty is never figure friendly), I get over 250 recipes to choose from. Plus, once again, I get all those great comment from the members.

But wait, there's more!!! For free you can save your favorites to your own cook book! Yes, save them and go back later to retrieve them! As a paid member, which is super cheap, you can keep multiple cookbooks to save your recipes. I have several right now including slow-cooker, desserts, diabetic (for when Aurora acknowledges me), dessert and many more!

Check Recipezaar out. I honestly love this site. In fact I am making a slow-cooker dessert at this moment and if it turns out well you will see it here next week!


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