Wash & Wrap Your Herbs

Okay, I overly staged this picture. It looks like I am selling cocaine rather than teaching you to save your herbs! he he he

Actually, this is a tip that I got from my favorite TV personality Rachel Ray. If you don't like her, then I can tell you right now, "PISS OFF!" She has given me more cooking tips than any book, chef or TV program PERIOD!

One of the things she always tells us is to wash our herbs when we get home and store them for future use. Now I thought she was just doing that because she had to make those 30-Minute Meals and needed to save time. Well, maybe that's true. (Honestly, Rachel, no human can chop all that food during a commercial break.) However, this is actually a very good tip.

How many times have you found herbs all wilted and icky in your refrigerator? If you are like me - many times. So, I was for some reason compelled to try Rachel's method of washing my herbs beforehond. (I was probably drunk. :-) Well, to tell the truth, this actually preserves the herbs for future use! When you wash them, wrap them in a paper towel, then place them in a ziploc bag, they do stay fresher longer. I get the ziploc bags that you can write on and date them. (This works great for all sorts of food storage.)

Try this! I promise you will not only be singing my praises, but Rachel's as well!


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