Busy Gal Meals

I am one busy boy these days. It seems that no sooner am I done with my crochet homework then a new package arrives for me. If your day is jam packed with activity, you might want to try these meals as well. I mean, Nutri-dation? Who could complain about that? All they'll know is it tastes great!

This is from one of my favorite movies Girls Will Be Girls. It's fun, campy and anything with Varla Jean Merman is sure to be entertaining. (Now you know where our lovebird got her name!)


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Joey and I are just a couple of guys living in San Francisco. I love cooking and we both like trying new things. Planning our meals is one of our "together" things. I hope you enjoy our blog! - Sean


This blog is dedicated to the two most important people in my life - my mom, Ernee Jean O'Brien, and my partner Joey Concepcion. They both have showered me with unconditional support and love and have always encouraged me to be myself. I will always miss my mom and I don't know what I would do without Joey.

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