One Giant Zucchini

My garden has been going to town.  It really hasn't produced anything besides lettuce and radishes yet, but it's working on it.  I haven't really trimmed anything.  I've just been letting things take their course.  I water twice a day and that's that.

As you can see my squash and zucchini plants have gotten really big.  Until yesterday the only thing I've noticed about them is the blossoms. 

I am a bit of a creature of habit and always water my gardens from the back, but yesterday I mixed things up and watered from the front.  (I know, I'm a wild one.)

As I was watering I noticed something in the think of the zucchini plant. I decided to investigate.

Is that what I think it is?

Oh my goodness it is!  A giant zucchini!

This thing is huge!

You know I have no idea how I could have just not noticed this. It couldn't have grown overnight!  So, what was I to do?  I picked it!

Once I had done that, I know exactly what I was going to do with it. Joey couldn't wait.  It'd been a long time since we've had a zucchini this big. So I gave him what he wanted.

Yep, I made four loaves of zucchini bread with this thing. We both are satisfied.  It's very exciting to pick things from the garden and make something, especially something this delicious.  This is, for sure, the best zucchini bread recipe ever and I also got to use my homemade apple sauce.

I love this gardening business.  When can I retire and do this full time?


Shelly- Mom Files July 14, 2013 at 12:18 PM  

Oh wow, how cool! I am so excited that you are starting to get some fresh goodies from your garden. You are going to have so much that you better be posting some good recipes for us. I am off to check out that zucchini bread recipe. Thanks for the fun update. I LOVE when you show off your amazing gardening skills :)

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