Master Cleanse Day 7 - One Week Down

...and six days to go. Can we do it? You betcha! If we have come this far, we can certainly go for six more days. In my head I just break it up as two days on the weekend then only four days after that. Easy, right? Actually, it kind of

It seems that once you get to a certain point on the cleanse it isn't a chore anymore. It's just what you are doing. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to eat (I am obsessed with food right now), but not eating isn't hard. Joey and I even went to the movies tonight and with all honesty, the popcorn didn't bother me.

I am feeling really great. My movements are all in the morning, which is nice. However, there are many and I can't go far from the bathroom at all. I'm still flushing things out, which amazes me. How could there still be stuff in my body after seven days?!!!

My mood is very good, which is unusual. I got a little grouchy early in the day and then I realized I had forgotten to have any lemonade. Once I drank it, my mood was fine. I have a little anxiety, but that's not the cleanse that's me. However, I am able to handle it much better now.

I have tons of energy. We walked to the theater tonight, which is about 30 minutes, and I felt great. I do have a hard time falling to sleep at night, which is one of the few negatives I am experiencing on this cleanse.

So, what's the best thing? I have lost 11 pounds! If I could lose 11 more I'd be thrilled, but I won't be greedy - I'll settle for just 9.


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