Master Cleanse Day 5 - Me want COOKIE!

...and pizza, mac & cheese, tomato soup, and pumpkin pie!  and....

I am obsessed with food right now. I am not hungry at all and my energy level is better than before the cleanse. I just am obsessed with food. First, it was crab legs. Next, Middle Eastern pasta with yogurt sauce, then butternut squash mac & cheese. After that saag paneer, and finally I ended today being obsessed with okonomiyaki.

I have planned all our meals for the entire two months after the cleanse. I have a list on my computer that I am keep track of things I want to make. Then, I search through recipes until I find just the right one. You can guess what we are having. That's right - crab legs, Middle Eastern pasta with yogurt sauce, butternut squash mac & cheese and saag paneer. I already know how to make okonomiyaki so I found a restaurant that serves it. No easy task outside of Japan.  Believe it or not I found one right here in Daly City.

Anyway, you can see where my head is. In some strange way, though, it's comforting to plan our meals and think about what we are going to eat and when. Not planning is kind of what got us into this cleanse in the first place. We both started eating whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it. When you don't have to plan then you just do what you want. What we wanted was not healthy. That's why we are doing this cleanse. To clean all that crap out of our bodies (literally) and start fresh. If we plan our meals we have a much better chance of reaching our goals. We are also sure to eat more healthily. So, I guess my food obsession is kind of good in a way.  Now, where can I find a recipe for low-fat, vegan peanut butter cookies?


Anonymous January 24, 2013 at 9:37 PM  

Go Sean and Joey!!!

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