Caccia Plumbing to the Rescue

One of the biggest differences between living in an apartment and owning a home is having to pay for your own maintenance.  On top of that, finding the right people to do the service is tricky.  Luckily when it came to plumbing a friend recommended Caccia Plumbing.

From the moment you call, you know you are in good hands with them.  Their staff is so nice and helpful.  Our plumber, Angelo, has been to our house several times.  Today it was to help me figure out why I occasionally smelled gas downstairs. This has been going on for a couple of months, but it wasn't constant - just every now and then. We could go weeks without smelling anything then suddenly there would be this little whiff or gas. Or was it?  We didn't know.  We don't use the downstairs room very often and I hardly go in there.  What was even more strange was that the smell was isolated to this tiny hall down there.

Of course I was concerned and placed carbon monoxide detectors all over down there. They never went off.  I wanted to call someone, but the smell was impracticable. I tried everything to recreate it. I turned on our stove upstairs and left that going.  Nope, no smell.  Oven. Nope. Maybe it was the hot water heater. I ran our water and waddled down the stairs. No smell.  The laundry machine?  Not that either.

The other day the smell was a bit stronger than usual so I called Caccia and asked if Angelo could come over and look at it. You know what? He figured it out right away. Our a valve in our furnace was slightly leaking in our garage. So why didn't we constantly smell it?  Well, it seems that it only went into the spare room when we had the back door of the garage open. Mystery solved!

What I really appreciate about this whole process is that Angelo showed me what was going on and explained it so thoroughly. He never makes me feel stupid or talks down to me. Angelo fixed the leak and all is good.

I really appreciate having someone that we can call that we trust for these kinds of things. We have been conned in the past and it's nice to know we don't have to worry about that now. Having a house is enough work. Who wants the extra worry of not trusting people you bring into it?

Thanks Angelo! I always enjoy seeing you, but hope it won't be too soon!


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