One Year - 750 Words A Day!

Yesterday I did something I never thought I would do - I reached 365 days of continuous writing on!  One year!  I have learned a lot from this exercise.  One thing is that if I stick my mind to something I can achieve it. I also learned that a little work on something each day can actually have an impact.

I am someone that likes to do things pretty quickly and move on to the next thing. I have always been quick to learn things so this has served me well.  However, there are some things in live that you just can't do quickly.  I can't create a beautiful garden in a weekend. I can't train a bird in a day. I can't change myself just by thinking about it for a week.  Yep, I learned all that and so much more from 15 short minutes a day.

I am going to try to keep this in mind with everything I do. One little step at a time.


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