The Clean Cadet 3

I think Joey and I have a problem. We are addicted to remodeling. We certainly were never this way before, but ever since we moved into this house we are remodel junkies.  We are lured to Home Depot or Lowe's to get our fix. At home it's an endless stream of painting and fixing while one of us is online looking for that perfect faucet to match that toilet paper holder we just bought on eBay. It's serious.

Yesterday before the grout had even set in our kitchen floor we were off to Lowe's "to return something." Since were there we naturally had to look around a bit. We ended up in the plumbing section because, I don't know, we needed a front door or something. There we saw it. It was exactly what we needed. How could we have not thought about this before?! The Clean Cadet 3 High Efficiency Toilet with an EverClean® surface. We want this toilet. We need this toilet. We must buy this toilet.

We quickly pulled out our iPhones, took pictures of the box and every angle of the toilet so we could research it at home. That's when the crazy hit. On the side of the box it said clearly in big white letters: "No Tools Installation - Everything you need including step-by-step poster."

What? A poster?!!!

"Joey I bet we could install this ourselves. We won't even need to call the plumber."

"You know, I bet we can.  Let's go home and look it up online.  Maybe Jim is still there working on the floors and we can ask him if he thinks we can do it."

With our pictures safely in our iPhones we ran home to do our research.  (Well, we didn't run right home, we had to stop and JoAnne's to buy some thread and also a quick stop by Marshall's.) Once home we quickly got on the computer. Jim was still there working on the floors (beautiful!) but we wanted to at least know what we were talking about before we declared our intentions.

The first thing we found was a video from the Home Depot.

My goodness look how easy that looks!  All you really need to to do is make sure it's sealed.  It's like canning fruit!  That's settled we are going to do this! We ran into the kitchen and announced to Jim, "We are going to install our own toilet." He looked at us funny.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well," I said, "We saw a toilet we wanted and it said easy installation and we just watched a 3 minute video on YouTube, so we decided we could do it ourselves. Don't you think we can?"

There was really no reason for him to answer. The look said it all. But he did politely say, "It's possible." Right then we knew it wasn't.  Back to the computer we went. That's when we found this video.

There is no need to watch it. We both checked out at about the 20 second mark.

"What kind of screw did he say?"

"What's that waxy sticky stuff?"

"What kind of tool is that?!"

With that one video our hopes of being home plumbers were dashed. Of course we are still going to get the Clean Cadet 3. Please, we need it. However, I think we are going to save each other the agony of installing it ourselves then wondering each time we flush if the house is going to flood.


Sabrina Modelle February 7, 2012 at 8:20 AM  

Ha Sean, I love this. Made me giggle like mad. I'm so lucky I get to follow your remodeling adventures in person and online.

Sean February 7, 2012 at 9:33 AM  

I am lucky to have you right there, too!

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