When Temptation Comes A Callin'

Let's face it, whenever you are trying to change your lifestyle at some point Temptation Tammy is going to show up and ask you to party. This is true whether you are dieting, exercising, quitting drinking or just wanting to focus more.  I would be a big, fat liar if I said she hasn't visited me yet on this journey.  She's been knocking on my door all week and yesterday I thought I would just open the door a tiny bit and she just barged right in.

It all started when I decided that I deserved to treat myself to a little Taco Bell. I did my due diligence and went right to their website and looked up the nutrition stats.  It's all right there on their nutrition page. In fact they even have a nutrition calculator where you can add up all the items you want to have and determine their total values.  All I wanted was a simple bean burrito and a taco, so I looked them up. Armed with this information I went my handy Weight Watchers points calculator and found it right in my points range, albeit a bit high for lunch at 13 points.  No matter, I rarely used up all my points and I deserved it. I was having a hard day, goo!

I got my taco and burrito and I have to say it was satisfying. Just what I wanted. I had let Temptation Tammy in and now it was time to show her the door. Problem was she wouldn't leave. I no longer wanted to have a figure-friendly meal for dinner.  I wanted quesadillas. I wanted burritos. I wanted chocolate!  Oh no!  So, what did I do? Well, I had a quesadilla and some chocolate.  Okay, I had two of each.  I was terrified to add up my points, but thankfully I made it - barely. I ended the day with zero points to spare. I was lucky this time, but next time who knows.  But you know what?  If I screw up more next time  I am certainly not going to throw in the towel. I may have "gone off" my diet yesterday but that doesn't mean I haven't been dieting nor does it erase all the work I have done for the last few weeks. That's just stupid.  What is does mean is that I need to be careful. I need to watch myself and do my best to keep Temptation Tammy away from my house.  So, I told her my friend Greg was having a party this weekend.  He's too skinny anyway.


Shelly- Mom Files May 26, 2011 at 4:43 PM  

Temptation Tammy is one dirty broad sometimes! I had 2 cake doughnuts today and I thought about YOU! Hey, we can't be perfect every single day but at least you were able to stay in your point range and still be a little naughty. I say that's a great thing! :)

Sean May 26, 2011 at 4:44 PM  

That's right, Shelly! I think the most important thing always is to not spend too much time beating yourself up. Look at it, learn from it and move on!

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